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Awesome News: the New VoiceVoice Platform is Ready!

Coming soon: the VoiceVoice Platform launch
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News from our product, engineering and QA teams is that we now have a demo-able VoiceVoice platform!

So we gave our very first live demo of the brand-new platform yesterday (first time ever showing it to a prospect, who said the “organic, exponential power is amazing!”), and hoping to be selling it based on those demos ASAP.

I can’t express how excited I am to start getting feedback on the real product!

For the time being, we are only demoing to a limited number of our current customers who’ve previously asked to join our very private beta. We hope to be able to offer more demos – live, recorded or self-hosted – in early 2018.

You can learn more about the new platform and check out a video of a simulated demo here.

Part 2- Other Exciting Things in the VoiceVoice Queue

  • In anticipation of the official technology launch, we’ve established contact with and are close to signing very major names for the VoiceVoice launch series, including one of THE most powerful people on the planet. Stay tuned as we begin to reveal some of these high-profile personalities.
  • We recently launched an online community of people who share in our mission to light up the world with purposeful conversations. If you see the potential for conversations to touch & change the world, we welcome you to join our community of visionaries. Let’s figure out which conversations are worth having together.
  • We’re now launching an opportunity for people to participate in this VoiceVoice launch financially. With equity crowdfunding, the potential profits can flow to our friends and supporters, not just to venture capital firms. We’re truly proud to offer you this opportunity. If you’ve considered looking to invest in technology, please check out our profile and reach out with any questions

With excitement for the future,

Brian Burt

CEO & Founder @ VoiceVoice / MaestroConference

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